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Our firm focuses on
(1) commercial dispute resolution in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts and arbitral tribunals, handling matters such as contract disputes, collection cases, and dissolution of privately held companies, and
(2) acting as "outside general counsel," helping our clients put together the right team of professionals for a particular matter and, to the extent desired, interfacing with and supervising that team, ensuring that it functions as a team that delivers effective and efficient services. 


Commercial Dispute Resolution
Unfortunately, despite the parties' good intentions when they enter a transaction, a dispute may arise later.  When that happens, we assist in trying to reach an early and efficient resolution, whether by informal negotiations or by formal mediation.  If those efforts fail, however, we can help the client develop and implement a litigation
plan that focuses on the key factual and legal issues, not the minutae.  Throughout that process, we look for ways to improve the client's settlement posture, and to take advantage of any windows of opportunity to obtain a favorable resolution.  But if the matter must be tried, our clients can rely on an attorney who has tried more than 50 cases to court judgment or arbitral award.    

Creditor's Rights and Remedies
In collection cases, winning the case in a year is often not enough-if you do not get relief up front, you will waste a lot of time and money, often without a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as the debtor hides his assets.  We have handled over 500 applications for provisional remedies-writs of attachment, writs of possession, receivers, and injunctions.  Usually, if a creditor can obtain such relief in the first month of the case, a settlement quickly follows.

Bankruptcy Litigation
We represent only creditors in commercial bankruptcies.  We file and defend proofs of claim; we defend against actions to recover preferences and fraudulent transfers; we obtain relief from the automatic stay; and we take other action to ensure that the creditor obtains the best possible result in light of the debtor's weak financial condition.

Professional Negligence
We have handled cases involving alleging negligence and other misdeeds by attorneys and accountants.  We are well equipped to address technical and tactical issues, both through strategic use of pretrial motions and persuasive presentation at trial.

We have handled more than a dozen appeals to opinion in both state and federal courts.  We can help when the result in the trial court is not what you were expecting-or when the opposing party is trying to deprive you of your hard-fought victory. 

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