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Legal problems are part of a business problem (or opportunity).  Sometimes, the business problem is just how not to win the battle (the litigation) and lose the war (spending too much management and employee time and too much in attorney's fees in light of the amount at issue).  Other times, the business problem involves issues much more complex and important than the legal problem-such as when a vendor tells you that it cannot afford to complete its work for you a week before you must deliver your product to your customer in time for the holiday season.  "Winning" at trial in a year (or more) against a bankrupt company will not salvage your relationships with your customers.  But finding a way to complete the work in a timely fashion will.  We always view the solution to the legal problem as part of the solution to the business problem. 

Representative Matters

With the goal of solving the business problem, not just the legal problem, in mind, we often discuss alternative fee arrangements with our clients.  Most firms limit their “creative” fee arrangements to discounts from the firm’s standard billing rates.  We have found arrangements that maintain the billable hour model with modestly discounted rates often do not address the client’s concerns.  Based on more than 40 years experience, including subtantial management experience, we at The David Firm® are able to offer other types of fee arrangements that align the Firm’s and the client’s interests and provide the client with more predictable costs, such as fixed fees for specified tasks or phrases of an engagement.  These arrangements allow the client to budget and to make a more informed cost-benefit analysis of whether to settle or to litigate.

We believe in this alignment of interests because we view the attorney-client relationship as a long-term relationship.  We view each matter not only as a discrete problem in search of a business solution, but also as an opportunity for us to provide the client advice to avoid future problems.  Our goal is to be your attorney not only for the current matter, but also for future matters.  A long-term relationship is more efficient for both the client and the Firm.  This philosophy has borne fruit for us and our clients:  One client has been with us since the early ‘80s; others have worked with us since the ‘90s; and several started working with us in the past ten years. 

Representative Clients

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